Friday, June 8, 2012

Newest Realm of the Mad God Item Hack, Realm of the Mad God Item Hack V3

So as it comes to Realm of the Mad God game, there are not a lot of hacks for it, but some good stuff comes from time to time. Most of them are speed or health hacks, but sometimes someone comes up with some better stuff like item hacks.

 Back in 2010 we saw Realm of the Mad God Multi Hack made by some dudes we don't even know. It was beautiful. God hack, coin hack, stats hack, item hack and many more stuff implemented in one hack. Yes, that was one good hack. But later Wildshadow patched all the stuff and there was no hacks for Realm of the Mad God for a long time. But later we saw Realm of the Mad God Item Hack by some dudes calling themselves "Dex team". After that got patched up too, for like 6 months there were no hacks again.

 Then some anonymous people started working towards updating the old hack by Dex and we had Realm of the Item Hack v2. It was good, but with a lot of bugs and not a lot of people were able to use it properly, because it was difficult to even start the hack.

 Today, I have to present you the newest work from someone we actually don't even know. But the hack works flawlessly and easy to set it up. Released this month and still works.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Realm of The Mad God Speed Hack

Hello, everyone. This hack was our second attempt to exploit Realm of the Mad God in some way. It's not something fancy, just a simple speed hack for the game. While testing the hack we realised that apart from shooting and walking faster your health regenerates faster too, so it's kind of nice tool to have while playing Realm of the Mad God. There is 4 options on the hack: 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x and 2x. 0.5x is not much of an use, but we putted that in here in case you need it, 1x is basically the "normal" speed. Use it if somebody is suspicious about you. 1.5x speed is recommended if you want to use the hack all the time and 2x is actually fast speed, so we don't recommend using it all the time. Happy you support us!

To download, press the button below:

Monday, March 5, 2012

Realm of The Mad God Speed Hack

With newest Speed Hack for Realm of the Mad God, there is no need to use Cheat Engine. You can speed up the game instantly when you like to. With this hack you can shoot arrows faster, cast spells faster and do everything faster hehe.

To download this speed hack go to :

Realm of the Mad God New Working Hack

This is what say about their new hack for Realm of the Mad God:

Even I’m impressed with this new hack, I mean how we were able to play the game without this… Now it’s like completely different when you can do whatever you want with this hack. One word, gamechanger.

Give it a try, you won't lose anything.